Wifi-Net UK provides the leisure and retail industries with wireless internet hotspots through our unique WiFi billing & software system, charging customers for the use of internet access in your establishment earning new revenue for your business, Wifi-Net UK provides a totally managed service & is committed to providing easily available wireless internet access in many public areas, hotels, bed & breakfasts, pubs, clubs, caravan parks, holiday parks, conference centres, marinas & entertainment establishments. We are committed to providing simple wireless internet access to users throughout the United Kingdom & Europe. Our service offers simplicity for our users and ensures that they have immediate access to critical information and the ability to work and engage with the online world.
Partnering with us to provide Wifi-Net UK,s wireless broadband service is more than just a revenue-sharing opportunity. It's about: providing added value to your existing customers so they remain loyal, encouraging footfall and attracting new customers, differentiating yourself from competitors, staying at the cutting edge of technology above all, offering wireless broadband is about giving users the choice of where and when they wish to use the internet.